Grow Light Accessories

Grow Light Accessories

Your grow light is one of the most important pieces of equipment in your hydroponics growroom, looking after it is of the upmost importance to ensure your plants receive the best light possible. Over time, lamps will deteriorate and the output of light will become much lower, which will affect your plant growth and your crops final results. We stock a great selection of compact fluorescent, HPS, MH and dual spectrum lamps and also professional contactors to safely switch your lights on.

Powerplant HPS Lamps

Powerplant HPS lamps provide a red spectrum of light, which is the correct spectrum of light for your plants to flourish in their flowering and fruiting period. Powerplant HPS lamps are a most efficient lamp for your growroom, with a long life span of 24,000 hours and they are available in 250, 400 and 600 watt.

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Powerplant Metal Halide Lamps

Powerplant Metal Halide lamps will provide a blue spectrum of light, which is the correct spectrum of light for your plants to flourish in their growth period. These Metal Halide lamps are retro fit and can be installed into any reflector and run on an MH or HPS ballast. Available in 250, 400 and 600 watt.

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SunMaster Dual Spectrum Lamps

SunMaster dual spectrum HID lamps from Venture Lighting are great for those on a budget as they will provide your plants with the correct combined spectrum of light for growing and flowering, saving you the cost of purchasing a seperate MH and HPS lamp. These dual lamps are available in 150w, 250w, 400w, 600w.

From: 16.00

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Philips HPS Lamps

Philips High Pressure Sodium SON-T-PIA lamps are top quality HPS lamps, which are specifically suited for horticulture and will provide the correct spectrum of light for your plants to flourish in the flowering period. These HPS lamps are available in 250 and 400 watt SON-T-PIA and also 600 watt Green Power SON-T-PIA.

From: 14.95

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Sylvania HPS Grolux Lamps

Sylvania HPS Grolux lamps are the most popular lamps used for HID lighting, as they deliver a red specetrum of light that also has blue added as well, to deliver a broader spectrum of light. This makes Grolux lamps ideal as they can be used for growing and flowering your plants, there is no need to change them.

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Lumii Growroom Lenses

If you tend to work in your growroom when your lights are on, you will know how powerful and blinding the lights can be. Lumii Growroom Lenses solve this problem by blocking the intense red light to allow you to see in a clear daylight, making it far easier to work and leave the room with no blinding spots in your eyes.

From: 14.50

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Compact Fluorescent Lamps 55w

These compact fluorescent 55w lamps are suitable for use with our Maxibright PL2 and PL4 propagation lighting units, to replace any broken or old worn lamps on your unit. These 55w fluorescent lamps are available in a cool blue or warm red spectrum, to suit the types of plants that you are raising under them.

From: 9.80

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Lighting Reflector Heatshield

This Powerplant lighting reflector heatshield cleverly redirects the light and heat from the central hot spot created beneath all horizontally mounted HID lamps. Heatshields simply fit around the ceramic lamp holder on your reflector and the arm holds the angled perforated sheet just below your HID lamp.

From: 13.00

Lighting Reflector Heatshieldmore

Eazi Roll Reflector Hangers

Eazi Roll reflector hangers are great to use for hanging a grow light reflector to easily and quickly achieve the optimum height level, as they can support up to 10kg and move up and down. Once fitted they are adjustable and your reflector can be gently pulled downwards or lifted up to the required position with ease.

From: 7.50

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Jack Chain

Jack chain is a very strong metal linked chain, that can be used to support many heavy objects in your growroom. Jack chain is most commonly used for hanging grow light reflectors, but with its strength it is also possible to support large carbon filters, inline fans, ducting and silencers from your walls or ceilings in your room.

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Reflector Cable & IEC Connection

These reflector cables have an IEC connection already fitted and come ready to wire straight onto your reflector, to replace any damaged or old worn cables. The live and neutral wires should be fixed into the E40 ceramic lamp holder and the earth wire should be fitted directly to the reflector for safety.

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E40 Ceramic Lamp Socket

These E40 Ceramic lamp sockets can be used to replace any old worn or broken lamp sockets on your grow light reflectors. Screw the E40 socket onto the reflector bracket and rewire your existing cable into the socket. E40 ceramic sockets can also be used for DIY set ups and will fit all sizes of Compact Fluorescent Lamp's.

From: 5.00

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Powerstar Light Contactors

Ecotechnics Powerstar light contactors simply plug into your timer, when you are using a HID light for your indoor garden. These Powerstar contactors will protect your grow light against the inductive load of the control gear as the lamp is lit, as ordinary household timers will not cope with this load and simply burn out.

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Powerstar Pro Light Contactors

These Ecotechnics Powerstar Pro light contactors have a 15-minute segmental timer built into the unit, to control the On and Off periods required. A double power outlet from a ring main is required and the pins on the timer can be pushed in or out to set your light times. Rated 6kw for either 6 or 8, 600w lamps to be lit.

From: 80.00

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Maxiswitch Pro Contactors

Maxiswitch Pro Contactors are built to last, with only superior components used inside them. These lighting contactors will safely take the high load required to strike several lamps at once. They have a built in Grasslin timer and the plug sockets also have a seperate switch of their own, for total control of your lights.

From: 64.99

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IEC Reflector Connectors

These IEC male and female reflector connectors can be easily wired and they are great to use if you need to replace your existing reflector or ballast IEC connection. These IEC connectors can also be used to lengthen any electrical cables in your growroom, use a male and female for pumps, fans or heaters.

From: 3.00

IEC Reflector Connectorsmore

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