Fast Clamp

Fast Clamp
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Fast clamps are designed to provide a secure professional fixing when you are connecting carbon filters, fans and silencers together.

Fast clamps are made from a thin sheet of steel so they can easily be shaped around your ventilation item, and they have two connection points for a strong and solid fixing. They are lined with a neoprene rubber lining to seal the connection air tight around your filter, fan or silencer and they will also make your ventilation extraction system more rigid so you may be able to hang it as one, instead of hanging several items from your ceiling.

G2079  Fast Clamp - 4" (100mm) 7.50
G2080  Fast Clamp - 5" (125mm) 8.25
G2081  Fast Clamp - 6" (150mm) 9.25
G2082  Fast Clamp - 8" (200mm) 10.25
G2083  Fast Clamp - 10" (250mm) 11.25

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