Acoustic Box Fans

Acoustic Box Fans
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If you are looking to move large amounts of air quickly, these Acoustic Box Fans will happily do that for you and best of all very quietly.

These Acoustic Box Fans are a compact design and lightweight, taking up very little space in your growroom. A fan is mounted inside the metal box which is lined with polystyrene foam to help absorb and eliminate any noise from the fan. The inlet and outlet holes have metal rims for you to easily connect your ducting and as it is an acoustic fan we highly recommend you use acoustic insulated ducting, as it has acoustic properties and will also help to eliminate any noise created by your fans and ventilation system.

These Acoustic Box Fans also have the added benefit of having a thermostat control built into the fan. You can set your required temperature you wish to maintain in your growroom and also the idle speed of the fan, this will allow the fan to run at full speed to lower your grow room temperature and when it is reached the fan will simply slow down and run at the idle speed you have set until the temperature rises, and then it will switch back to full speed again.

These Acoustic Box Fans are designed to be wall mounted with the bracket provided and they have a cable and plug fitted for easy installation.

Air Flow Rating

4" - 400m3/hr

5" - 500m3/hr

6" - 730m3/hr

8" - 850m3/hr

G2026  Acoustic Box Fan - 4" (100mm) 145.00
G2027  Acoustic Box Fan - 5" (125mm) 155.00
G2028  Acoustic Box Fan - 6" (150mm) 185.00
G2029  Acoustic Box Fan - 8" (200mm) 205.00

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