Plant Clone Kit 48

Plant Clone Kit 48
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This Clone Kit will allow you to take 48 cuttings of your favourite plant and root them with ease, best of all it works out cheaper buying a kit and you get to choose the media to root your young ones in, Root Riots, Grodan cubes or Jiffy pellets.

The large clear high top dome on the propagator also allows you to maintain your delicate plants for as long as you need to before they are ready to move on.

A suitable compact fluorescent light can be hung above this Clone Kit 48 to ensure adequate light is provided for them to flourish and provide a high success rate of young healthy plants ready to transplant on to their next stage.

How To Use
Use the scalpel to take your cuttings from your plant.

Dip the cut end of the cuttings into the Clonex.

Place the cuttings into your pre-soaked media, (Root Riot, Grodan, Jiffy).

Place into the propagator and use the vents on top to control the humidity levels inside.

Keep under 18-24 hours of light and the media moist until roots are visible.

When plant roots are visible add Formulex.

CLONE KIT 48 Includes:
Large Propagator

Clonex 250ml

Formulex 1 litre


Pipette 5ml

Root Riot 48, Grodan 48 or Jiffy Peat Pellets 48, you choose.

G1716  Plant Clone Kit 48 - Jiffy Peat Pellets 35.00
G1717  Plant Clone Kit 48 - Grodan SBS Cubes 37.00
G1718  Plant Clone Kit 48 - Root Riot 38.00

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