Drip 1 Potz System

Drip 1 Potz System
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The Drip 1 Potz is a great re-circulating top feed hydroponics drip system that is suitable to use with soil, coco or clay pebbles contained in the 10" mesh basket for your plant to grow in.

The Drip 1 Potz System comes completely assembled, so all you have to do is fill it up with 10 litres of nutrient solution, place your chosen growing media into the mesh basket, plant out and place your pump onto a plug timer (not supplied).

The feed pump has a filter fitted which can be removed and cleaned to ensure the correct flow of solution passes through. The pump is connected to a main irrigation line that delivers the solution to the top and emits it from drippers that are placed into your media. Gravity will drain it down through the media to feed the roots and the excess solution will simply fall back into the tank below.

A clear green tube is fitted onto the Potz to allow you to quickly and clearly see how much solution remains inside the Potz, when it requires topping up simply pour some mixed solution into the media and it will refill the tank.

To drain easily, a tap has been fitted at the bottom. The pipe from the tap that leads into the Potz is covered internally with a special mesh filter which prevents any roots blocking the drain tap and making things difficult when emptying.

If you need to remove the mesh pot for maintenance whilst your plant is growing you can, just lift the mesh pot out of the system and place it onto the floor or sit it in a 10 litre bucket, whilst you make your adjustments.

Dimensions : Height 33cm - Diameter 32cm

G0200  Drip 1 Potz System 45.00

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