Irrigation Drip Line

Irrigation Drip Line
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Drip Line is great to use if you are building your own irrigation system to feed your plants and you want to branch off from a main line to several different areas, where you require small amounts of nutrient solution to be delivered.

You can use a 5mm nipple inserted into a main pipe and your drip line can be connected to the other end, or you can use an irrigation outlet connector in your main line with the drip line fitted to the 4mm outlet.

Top Tip
If you are building a main line that lays across your grow room floor, make sure to cut each drip line to the same length to ensure an equal delivery of water reaches each pot.

G2223  Irrigation Drip Line 3mm - 1 metre 0.30
G2235  Irrigation Drip Line 4mm - 1 metre 0.60

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