Powerplant Sun Mate CFL Reflector

Powerplant Sun Mate CFL Reflector
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The Powerplant Sun Mate CFL Reflector is designed to optimise the light emitted from compact fluorescent lamps and beam it down towards your garden.

The Sun Mate reflector is a closed ended dual parabolic design that is vented to aid cooling and it has an on/off switch with a four metre cable and plug fitted to the body and fittings for hanging the reflector easily are also supplied.

The Powerplant Sun Mate reflector is suitable to use with any make and size of compact fluorescent lamp you may wish to use. A blue spectrum lamp should be used for propagation and vegetative growth and a red spectrum lamp for flowering plants.

This is a great reflector for hobby growers who wish to propagate, grow and maybe flower just a couple of plants with the use of compact fluorescent lamps, to help reduce running costs and temperatures inside your grow room. These reflectors are also great to use with red lamps to provide additional lighting in large flowering grow rooms, without raising the running costs and temperatures too much.

Dimensions: (h,w,d) 18 x 53 x 32cm

G1858  Powerplant Sun Mate CFL Reflector 42.95
G1859  Powerplant Sun Mate CFL Reflector + 125w Blue Eco Light 58.50
G1860  Powerplant Sun Mate CFL Reflector + 250w Blue Eco Light 79.00
G1861  Powerplant Sun Mate CFL Reflector + 125w Red Eco Light 58.50
G1862  Powerplant Sun Mate CFL Reflector + 250w Red Eco Light 79.00

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