Cooltube Air Cooled Grow Lights

Cooltube Air Cooled Grow Lights
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Cooltube air-cooled grow lights are great for small growrooms and grow tents where heat can build up easily and become a problem.

These air cooled grow light kits include a Powerplant Daylite ballast which is well vented and finished in black to aid cooling, an Ecotechnics cooltube reflector which is 120mm x 400mm and is connected inline with your extraction system, and finally a lamp. The 250w kits come with a Powerplant Super HPS lamp and the 400w and 600w kits come with a Sylvannia Grolux lamp, a lamp that is ideal for growing and flowering your plants.

With your reflector connected into your extraction system it will remove the heat from your growroom and especially the heat created from your lamp, keeping your temperatures much lower than before.

G1806  Cooltube Air Cooled Grow Light - 250w Kit 107.50
G1807  Cooltube Air Cooled Grow Light - 400w Kit 120.00
G1808  Cooltube Air Cooled Grow Light - 600w Kit 130.00

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