Phat Filters

Phat Filters
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If you want a top quality carbon filter hung in your hydroponics grow room to absorb all your unwanted odours and pollens, try a Phat Filter there the best available.

Phat Filters are packed with the best odour absorbing carbon found in the world, to provide you with the best carbon filter possible. Phat Filters are made with Mongolian virgin charcoal packed tightly inside, which is a very high grade charcoal that gives the filter its absorbing strength and also a very long lifespan.

Phat Filters have an outer surface which is covered with more air holes per square inch than other regular filters, thereby giving it a higher rated air flow and hence, a greater ability to filter out more odours and for a much longer period. The free flow of air through the outer mesh into the machine packed bed of virgin carbon assures that all air passing through the tough, odour removing carbon exits the filter very clean. The air is drawn through the tiny holes in the filter and all the odours are absorbed into the virgin charcoal which completely surrounds the filter internally with a 50mm bed.

The air drawn into the special conical cylinder disperses evenly inside the Phat Filter to prolong its life and no air can by-pass the carbon bed at any point. Depending on the temperature and humidity around the filter they can last up to two years or more.

A fitted external pre-filter will catch any large dirt particles and keep the carbon cleaner to absorb those nasty odours. The pre-filter can be removed a few times a year for easy machine washing before being re-fitted back over the filter.

How To Use
Phat Filters should be hung at the top of your grow room and connected to an inline fan and the outlet hole of your room or tent with some ventilation ducting, to extract all the hot stale smelly air that rises through the filter and out of your grow room.

Air Flow Rating

4" (100 x 300mm) - 350m3/hr

5" (125 x 300mm) - 408m3/hr

6" (150 x 300mm) - 470m3/hr

6" (150 x 500mm) - 765m3/hr

8" (200 x 600mm) - 1000m3/hr

10" (250 x 600mm) - 1200m3/hr

G2031  Phat Filter - 4" (100 x 300mm) 55.00
G2032  Phat Filter - 5" (125 x 300mm) 70.00
G2033  Phat Filter - 6" (150 x 300mm) 95.00
G2034  Phat Filter - 6" (150 x 500mm) 110.00
G2035  Phat Filter - 8" (200 x 600mm) 140.00
G2036  Phat Filter - 10" (250 x 600mm) 155.00

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