Bud Box XX Large Grow Tent

Bud Box XX Large Grow Tent
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The Bud Box XX Large grow tent is specifically designed for growers who wish to use two 600w grow lights to cover their plants and the dimensions of this tent are perfect for your plants to grow extremely well with that amount of light emitted over them. A suitable extraction kit should be used and hung at the top of the tent to take away the hot stale air and unwanted odours and of course the method of growing is up to you. You can fit many pots inside this size tent and also many different types of hydroponic systems will fit inside as well, giving you a portable hydroponic grow room that can be set up in no time at all and also dismantled just as quickly.

Bud Box grow tents have been around since 2004 and they have gained a reputation for providing a top quality grow tent that provides you with the ideal enclosure to grow in.

Bud Box XX Large grow tents are made with a thick, quality material that is lined with reflective sheeting to bounce all your light around inside. The zips are a tough, military design that is very robust and long lasting and ventilation holes are fitted at the bottom and top of the tent, which can be used to supply fresh air in at the base and extract hot stale air out at the top. There are also air vents which can be used to passively pull air into the tent if you don't wish to run two fans for your ventilation and they are screened to prevent any insects entering unwanted. The steel poles for the frame are powder coated white and they fit together with tough plastic corner fittings which make the tent extremely rigid and capable of supporting a carbon filter, fan and of course your reflectors.

Dimensions: (h,w,d) 200 x 240 x 120cm

G1016  Bud Box XX Large Grow Tent 244.95

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