Plant Pots, Trays & Tanks

Plant Pots, Trays & Tanks

If you wish to grow passively with hydroponics and hand feed your plants, a simple pot and saucer will do and we have a great selection of plant pots, Garland trays, water tanks and butts for you to choose from. First start your plants in small pots and place them onto a tray or saucer to catch any excess water. Once your plants and their roots are well established you can then re-pot them into a much bigger pot to provide you with a better yield and finish them off to full maturity and harvest.

Square Plant Pots

We stock square plastic plant pots that range from 0.7 litre right up to 18 litre. Small square pots should always be used first to establish your seedlings or cuttings and when the plant and roots are becoming pot bound they should then be transplanted into a larger size pot. The bigger the pot the better the yield.

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Round Plant Pots

We stock round plastic plant pots that range from 7.5 litre right up to 30 litre pots with handles for people who want to grow very large plants. Our round pots all have good drainage holes and will need to be placed onto a plant pot saucer or tray to catch any excess solution when you are watering your plants.

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Root Pruning Pots

Root pruning pots encourage the internal root structure of your plants to develop a lot more than normal pots. As the roots become visible from the slits they are air pruned, which makes your plants root structure grow more internally, enabling your plants to uptake more nutrients that are applied to produce a better yield.

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Root Pouch Fabric Pots

Root Pouch are fabric degradable pots that can be washed and reused in your garden for several years. These fabric pots allow more air to circulate in and around the root zone of your plants, allowing them to breath far easier than being contained in a regular plastic pot with no air holes in the sides.

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Plant Pot Saucers

Our round plant pot saucers are great for those who only grow a few plants indoors or outdoors and do not need a big tray for the job. These plant pot saucers are available in three sizes, 24cm, 32cm and 37cm and they also have a 4cm wall to collect any excess solution when you are watering your plants.

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Garland Trays

We stock several Garland trays in square and rectangle shapes to suit various different available spaces. These trays are moulded with a thick strong black plastic and are great to use indoors in a grow room or tent for your pots to be placed on to, to catch excess solution when you are watering your plants.

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Water Tanks

Water is essential for an indoor garden and it will need storing ready for those thirsty plants. These water tanks will do the job nicely and can be placed neatly in a corner of a room, filled and ready. These tanks can also be used for the enthusiast who wishes to build their very own DIY hydroponic growing system.

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Water Butts & Stands

These water butts are great for anyone who needs to store a lot of water but doesnt have very much room to do so, as they can be positioned in a corner and will take up very little space. Our water butts come with a tap and a lid and stands are also available for the 100 litre and 200 litre water butt.

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Aquatrays are used for growing in either Canna coco slabs or Grodan Rockwool slabs. Aquatrays can be assembled easily together with some drain pipe that runs to a tank and some irrigation pipe, pump and fittings to feed your plants and they will allow any size top feed drip system to be made that you require.

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Mesh Pots

These plastic mesh pots are suitable to use for any DIY hydroponic or aeroponic system you may wish to make and will fit neatly into a clean cut round hole that suits their size. The 2" mesh pots will fit into all of our aeroponic propagators and the 3" mesh pots fit into all of our Aero and DWC Potz Systems.

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