Wilma Big 4 Pot System

Wilma Big 4 Pot System
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The Wilma Big 4 Pot is a top feed dripper system from Atami that allows you to grow hydroponically with clay pebbles or with any other substrate you may wish to use, like soil or coco and with 18 litre pots provided with this system you can grow your plants much bigger for a better yield.

This unit delivers your stored nutrient solution from the tank through drip lines, to emit the solution from drippers that are placed directly into the growing media. The nutrient solution will drain down through the 18 litre pots, moistening the media and plant roots and any excess solution can simply run out of the pots and into the top tray which has small drain holes to allow the excess solution to re-circulate back into the tank below.

If you like growing in pots but wish to grow with an active system, this is the unit for you and you have the added benefit of being able to reposition your plants in the tray at any stage, by simply removing the drippers and moving the pots.

Dimensions Inc Pots: (h,w,d) 50 x 82 x 78cm

Tank Capacity: 50 litre

Wilma Big 4 Pot Complete Kit Includes:
1 x Tank
1 x Top Tray
1 x MJ Pump
1 x Irrigation Line & Drippers
4 x Square Pots 18 litre

G0704  Wilma Big 4 Pot System - Complete Kit 80.00
G0705  Wilma Big 4 Pot System - Top Tray 29.00
G0706  Wilma Big 4 Pot System - Tank 30.00
G0707  Wilma Big 4 Pot System - Irrigation System 4.70

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