Hydor Theo Heaters

Hydor Theo Heaters
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If you need to maintain higher water temperatures in your hydroponics tank or aquarium, Hydor Theo Heaters are the best heaters that money can buy.

Hydor Theo heaters have all the necessary features for safe and precise temperature maintenance. They are made from a specially engineered shatterproof glass and they feature Patented Thermal Technology (PTC), which makes them among the safest solution heaters on the market.

Hydor Theo Heaters are highly accurate due to the use of precise micro-switch technology and they have an adjustable temperature dial for easy setting. These heaters can be positioned inside your tank in a horizontal or vertical position and held with the suction cups that are provided.

Don't let your plants or fish suffer, maintain your water at the required temperature with these ultimate solution heaters.

Tank Size

Hydor Theo Heater 100w - Tank 50/100 litre

Hydor Theo Heater 200w - Tank 100/200 litre

Hydor Theo Heater 300w - Tank 200/300 litre

G2103  Hydor Theo Heater - 100w 23.50
G2104  Hydor Theo Heater - 200w 27.50
G2105  Hydor Theo Heater - 300w 28.50

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