Powerplant HPS Lamps

Powerplant HPS Lamps
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Powerplant Super HPS lamps are designed to assist your plants in their flowering period to promote optimum production in this critical stage.

These lamps deliver a red spectrum of light at 2100 Kelvin, and have a great lumen output and also a long life of about 24,000 hours. As time goes by the lumen output will deteriorate and become much lower, that's when you will need to change your lamps. We recommend you change your lamp at least every 9-12 months to ensure your plants are receiving the correct amount of light for them to flourish.

If you wish to produce a super crop you will need to use a Powerplant Super HPS lamp to help deliver large vibrant flowers.

Lumen Output
Super HPS 250w lamp - 32,000 lumens.

Super HPS 400w lamp - 55,000 lumens.

Super HPS 600w lamp - 90,000 lumens.

G1900  Powerplant HPS Lamp - 250w 11.95
G1901  Powerplant HPS Lamp - 400w 15.95
G1902  Powerplant HPS Lamp - 600w 23.95

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