Eazi Roll Reflector Hangers

Eazi Roll Reflector Hangers
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Do you sometimes struggle to lower or lift your reflector to suit the height of your plants canopy? Well then, you need a set of Eazi Roll adjustable reflector hangers.

These superb hangers can be fixed to the top of your grow room or tent where you require the reflector to be positioned and they can support up to 10kg. They will allow you to lower or lift your reflector as quick and as easily as possible.

How To Use
Tighten the wing-nuts on both Eazi Roll hangers and fix them into position.

Take your reflector and tie it to both of the Eazi Roll hangers.

Loosen the wing-nuts on the hangers slightly and check if you can pull the reflector down. If not loosen them a little bit more until you can, but not too loose in case your reflector comes crashing down.

As soon as it moves down do not loosen the Eazi Roll hangers anymore.

You should now be able to lower and lift the reflector quickly and easily when you require.

G1918  Eazi Roll Reflector Hangers - packet of 2 7.50

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