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If you wish to increase the health and growth of your plants, add a little Superthrive into the mix.

Superthrive has been around for many years and it is used worldwide by many hobby growers and commercial farmers to help their plants achieve their goal.

Superthrive is an additive which is a highly concentrated formula that is packed full of vitamins and hormones. It can be used with all types of plants grown in any media or hydroponics system and throughout all stages of their cycle. Added to your water and fed to your plants, Superthrive can increase and provide super lush healthy growth from your plants and for those unfortunate few who may encounter problems, Superthrive can also be used as a great stress reliever and a plant pick me up, to help revive your stressed or sickly plants quickly and get them back on track.

Superthrive is ideal for your houseplants, vegetables, trees and all types of flowers and herbs and as we said it is a highly concentrated product, so a little goes a long way.

G2503  Superthrive - 30ml 5.50
G2504  Superthrive - 60ml 7.50
G2505  Superthrive - 1 Pint 34.00

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