House & Garden Shooting Powder

House & Garden Shooting Powder
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House and Garden Shooting Powder is a late flowering stimulator and boost, that creates a second explosion of growth from your flowers or fruits just before you are due to harvest your plants.

Shooting Powder provides your plants with a huge boost of phosphorus and potassium that triggers your plants back into profuse flowering, to significantly increase the size and weight of your crop in the last three critical weeks of the flowering period before you flush your plants.

Shooting Powder is a truly wonderful formula from House and Garden that will increase the final yield of your crop, without affecting the final aromas and tastes.

How To Use
Add ¼ sachet to 100 litres of water 4th week before harvest.

Add ½ sachet to 100 litres of water 3rd week before harvest.

Add 1 sachet to 100 litres of water 2nd week before harvest.

Last week flush plants with water.

G16104  House & Garden Shooting Powder - 1 Sachet 6.95
G16105  House & Garden Shooting Powder - 5 Sachet 32.95

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