Diamond Grow Lights

Diamond Grow Lights
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These grow lights are a diamond for the price and they will deliver all your light down towards your plant canopy, for the best results.

Our diamond grow lights kit includes a Powerplant Daylite ballast, which is a very reliable standard HID ballast that contains new components for a longer life span, along with an Ecotechnics Diamond reflector that is an enclosed dual parabolic reflector with a 4 metre cable and IEC connection to fit it to your ballast. Our 250w kits come with a Powerplant Super HPS lamp and our 400w and 600w kits come with a Sylvannia Grolux HPS lamp, which are suitable to use for the growth stage and flowering stage of your plants as they have added blue to the spectrum of light delivered.

G1818  Diamond Grow Light - 250w Kit 105.00
G1819  Diamond Grow Light - 400w Kit 115.00
G1820  Diamond Grow Light - 600w Kit 130.00

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