NFT Systems

NFT Systems

NFT systems are very popular for hydroponics cultivation and they are available in many sizes to suit your space. These systems require your plants to be raised in a Rockwool block before placing them onto the top tray. The nutrient solution is stored in the bottom tank and pumped up through a delivery tube, allowing it to fall into the top tray. A fibre glass sheet is laid across the tray to help give an even distribution to the roots and any excess solution can simply drain back into the tank below.

NFT GT205 System

The NFT GT205 Gro Tank complete kit is the smallest in our range of hydroponic NFT systems and it can fit into almost any space. This NFT re-circulating system can be used to grow two large plants or four smaller plants in rockwool blocks. This is our most popular size NFT system for any beginner who wishes to try hydroponics.

From: 40.00

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NFT GT424 System

The NFT GT424 Gro Tank complete kit can support and grow six small plants or four large plants, a great size NFT kit for any hobby grower who wishes to try this method of hydroponic growing as this system requires only one HID grow light above and it can store up to 40 litres of nutrient solution in the tank below.

From: 65.00

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NFT GT604 System

The NFT GT604 hydroponic system has a 60 litre tank capacity for your nutrient solution and can fit six large plants or eight small plants. The NFT GT604 is supplied as a complete kit with the tank, top tray, cover, pump, delivery tube, spreader mat, PH down 250ml and PH test kit, all you need to grow hydro.

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NFT GT901 System

The NFT GT901 Gro Tank system is our longest slim line design that requires at least two grow lights suspended above the top tray of the system to cover your plants adequately with enough light. This NFT system can fit ten small plants or eight large plants and can store up to 80 litres of nutrient solution in the tank.

From: 110.00

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NFT GT100 System

The NFT GT100 Gro Tank complete kit is our most popular system with many new hobby growers who wish to use a tent and one light, as it can be housed very neatly inside a 1.2 x 1.2 grow tent with just one 600w light hung above. This NFT GT100 can support 16 small plants or nine large plants on the top tray of the system.

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NFT MD601 System

This NFT Multi Duct hydroponic system comes with a top tray that is six foot by three foot, tray cover, tray stand, irrigation system, spreader mat, ph down 250ml and manual ph test kit and the system requires only one pump that is supplied to deliver the stored nutrient solution from the 125 litre tank that is fitted below.

From: 175.00

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NFT MD603 System

This NFT Multi Duct 6 foot twin system offers much more growing space for many more plants to be grown with just still only one tank and pump used for the whole irrigation system. The two, six by three foot top trays are supplied with the covers, spreader mat, stands, 190-litre tank, pump, pipe and irrigation fittings.

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NFT Multi Duct Tray Stands

NFT Multi Duct tray stands are used to support Multi Duct top trays. The stands have a piece at the top that fits neatly into the tray to prevent any movement and the top tray is also supported on your water tank, which provides a slight slope for your nutrient solution to run freely across the tray to feed your plant roots.

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NFT Multi Duct Water Tanks

These NFT Multi Duct water tanks are made of thick plastic and are very strong for storing your nutrient solution in your growroom. These 125 and 190 litre water tanks are ideal for any type of DIY hydroponic system that you may design and build or for just replacing a broken water tank on your existing NFT system.

From: 45.00

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NFT Delivery Tubes

These NFT delivery tubes are suitable for all our Gro Tank systems and Multi Duct systems to replace your existing one when it is old and worn or maybe even broken. NFT systems rely very much on a regular supply of water and nutrients, so replace your tube if it does not look great and always make sure your pump is working.

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NFT Spreader Mat

NFT spreader mat is a fibre glass sheet which is laid across the top trays of all NFT systems, with your Rockwool blocks and plants sat on top. Spreader mat helps to provide an even distribution of water and nutrients across the top tray and as it allows the roots to grow into it, it will need replacing each time you grow.

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