Jiffy Peat Pellets

Jiffy Peat Pellets
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Jiffy Peat Pellets are amazing and they work extremely well for raising seedlings or cuttings.

Jiffy peat pellets are compressed peat that is held inside a Biodegradable mesh. You simply soak the pellets in some water and watch them swell, when they have risen you can gently squeeze and shake off any excess water and place your seed or cutting into the Jiffy and place it into a propagator.

If the correct humid environment is provided you shouldn't need to water your pellets much before you have roots visible. Once your roots are visible you can transplant your Jiffy pellets into your chosen media or hydroponic system, they are ideally suited for soil but they can be used with any other substrates as well.

G1400  Jiffy Peat Pellets - Bag of 10 1.00
G1401  Jiffy Peat Pellets - Box of 1000 61.50

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