Irrigation Micro Sprinkler

Irrigation Micro Sprinkler
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These Irrigation Micro Sprinklers are great for DIY aeroponics, to create a small aeroponic propagator or a large aeroponic system. They can be mounted from above to allow the solution to fall below over your plant roots in your system or they can be mounted from below to spray the solution in an upward direction and they can deliver up to 74 litres per hour.

Micro Sprinklers can be great for large irrigation systems that are set up outdoors in your garden, to spread the delivery of water over a much larger area. These Micro Sprinklers can also be mounted upside down in your greenhouse for overhead use to cover your plants below.

A threaded end enables the Micro Sprinklers to be screwed tightly into 3mm irrigation drip line for a secure fixing and leak proof connection.

Water droplet size is important for roots to grow and these Micro Sprinklers will provide the perfect size droplets constantly and a good delivery of water, nutrients and also plenty of air at the same time which will help your plants to flourish.

G2231  Irrigation Micro Sprinkler 0.95

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