Aluminium Foil Duct Tape

Aluminium Foil Duct Tape
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Aluminium Foil Duct Tape is the best tape to use in your hydroponics grow room to hold sheeting on your walls or to connect your ducting to your fittings or carbon filter, as it far more effective against the high temperatures that are produced in your room from your lamps and other heat emmitting objects, when compared to regular duct tape and it will hold your object in place for a much longer period.

Aluminium Foil Duct Tape is also very handy when installing many long lengths as it has a paper cover on the tape, so you can tear off any length of tape you require and peel back the cover as you go, so you dont get caught up in it and have to start again with a new piece.

G2078  Aluminium Foil Duct Tape - 45 metre Roll 5.75

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