Rigid Silencers

Rigid Silencers
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If you wish to run your ventilation system in your grow room as quietly as possible, you may need to use a Rigid Silencer to help reduce any noise created by your fan and the air passing through.

These lightweight rigid silencers can easily be mounted inline with your fan and ducting in either a horizontal or vertical position. The main external body and the ends of the silencers are manufactured from sheet metal and a perferated sheet is internally fitted. A 50mm bed of mineral wool of various density is packed in between the two sheets to absorb and diffuse the noise and a layer of fibre glass matting is also fitted internally, which helps to hold the mineral wool in place.

Rigid Silencers are a great addition to any ventilation system to reduce noise levels, especially those with large fans.

Top Tip
If you are mounting your silencer directly onto a fan, we recomend you use a fast clamp for a solid fixing, as a good tight seal on the fan, rigid silencer, ducting and fittings will also help to greatly reduce any noise created as the air passes through.

G2052  Rigid Silencer - 4" (100mm x 600mm) 40.00
G2053  Rigid Silencer - 5" (125mm x 600mm) 45.00
G2054  Rigid Silencer - 6" (150mm x 600mm) 50.00
G2055  Rigid Silencer - 8" (200mm x 600mm) 60.00
G2056  Rigid Silencer - 10" (250mm x 600mm) 75.00

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