Canna Bio Nutrients

Canna Bio Nutrients
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The Canna Bio range of nutrients is made from fermented plant extracts to provide you with a 100% organic base nutrient to feed your organically grown plants with.

Canna Bio nutrients are a one-part grow and bloom formula that have been developed especially for your plants growth and flowering stages, when you are growing in an organic substrate.

Canna Bio Vega is used for the growth stage of your plants and is rich in highly absorbable nitrogen that is released according to your plants needs, and the bio-active substances in Bio Vega will stimulate your plants root development and the formation of strong growth. As your plants nutritional needs will change near the beginning of the flowering period you will need to change your nutrient from Bio Vega to Bio Flores.

Canna Bio Flores provides your plants with all the necessary minerals and bio-active substances in proper proportions for an exuberant bloom, scent and flavour. Among other things, Bio Flores also contains hop extracts which will provide your plants with that extra bit of power when flowering.

All round these are a great set of organic nutrients to feed any type of plants with, grown indoors under lights or outdoors on your patio and with a splash of Canna Bio Boost included in the flowering stage, the results achieved can be quite amazing.

Do NOT use the Canna Bio range of nutrients or additives with any products containing Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2).

Shake bottles well.

Use mixed solution within 24 hours.

How To Use
Canna Bio Vega - Add 2ml per litre of water.

Canna Bio Flores - Add 2ml per litre of water.

G1526  Canna Bio Vega - Grow 1 litre 13.50
G1527  Canna Bio Vega - Grow 5 litre 49.50
G1528  Canna Bio Flores - Flower 1 litre 13.50
G1529  Canna Bio Flores - Flower 5 litre 49.50

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