Potz Systems Drain Fittings

Potz Systems Drain Fittings
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Potz Systems drain fittings are supplied with all their systems, but if you are unfortunate to lose or break one you can easily replace them.

The drain glands fit the Aero, DWC and Flood Potz and also the Drip Potz saucers. They will tightly seal around 16mm irrigation pipe and also Torsino hose and they will even seal around any 16mm irrigation fitting.

The equal T and elbow fitting have 150mm of pipe fitted to insert through a drain gland and fit a drain filter on the inside on the pipe. The barbed fitting on the outside can be connected to pipe, to run to where ever you require.

Potz Systems drain filter is internally lined with a fine mesh plastic, which prevents any roots or debris entering the drain filter and drain pipes. The drain filter has a hole at one end which allows it to fit easily onto 16mm pipe and be firmly held in place. They are also easy to remove and place back on whilst your system is in use, if they need cleaning.

G0110  Potz Systems Drain Gland + 2 Washers 1.20
G0111  Potz Systems Drain Filter Insert 1.80
G0112  Potz Systems Drain T Fitting 0.60
G0113  Potz Systems Drain Elbow Fitting 0.60

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