Vintage Bat Guano

Vintage Bat Guano
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Vintage Bat Guano is a 100% natural organic product that has been created over hundreds of years from deposits of Bat manure, to provide you with a rich potent organic slow release fertiliser.

Vintage Bat Guano is highly rich in phosphorus, which is immediately available to the plant ensuring rapid root and flower development and it contains many of the macro and micro nutrients that your plants will require in a natural form.

Vintage Bat Guano boosts not only plant yields but it also helps to grow healthier plants, adding strength and vitality and therefore your plants are far more resistant to pests and diseases. It can be used with soil or coco substrates and it works extremely well indoors as it is an odourless product and it also works extremely well for outdoor cultivation as it contains a natural pheromone that helps to repel those pesky rabbits and deer, that may devour your crop.

How To Use
Vintage Bat Guano can be lightly sprinkled on to the top of the soil or it can be mixed into some water and applied.

G1671  Vintage Bat Guano - 1kg - OUT OF STOCK 8.95

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