Grodan Rockwool Vital Slabs

Grodan Rockwool Vital Slabs
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For many years Dutch growers have cultivated their plants hydroponically with Grodan Rockwool Vital Slabs.

Slab culture has now become very popular in the UK, with growers who wish to build their own hydroponic drip system to their specific size and with the use of Aquatray's and Grodan Rockwool Vital Slabs it is possible to build a system to hold four plants or even 4000 plants, the possibilities are endless.

Grodan Rockwool Vital Slabs are wrapped in a co-extruded white/black plastic film which is designed to keep the light away from the fibres in the slab. This can be cut on top of the slab to insert your propagation plug or to rest your Rockwool grow block on top. The plant roots will quickly develop into the fibres of the slab and hold your plant firmly in place.

Top Tip
Grodan Rockwool Vital Slabs are slightly alkaline, so we recommend you run an acidic solution of 5.5-5.8 through your system and slabs 24 hours before you plant into them.

G1419  Grodan Rockwool Vital Slabs - 1 metre 3.20

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