Hydroponics Discount Deals

Hydroponics Discount Deals

If you are looking for a great deal and to buy a complete range of nutrients and additives, nutrient management tools or a grow light kit, then take a look below at our hydroponics discount deals. These offer you several products relevant to each other, as a package and best of all with a saving on the regular price.

Canna Terra Discount Deal

This discount deal offers the Canna Terra nutrients, additives and media for soil cultivation with a saving on all items that are included. Canna Rhizotonic, Cannazym, Canna Terra Vega and Flores, PK13/14, Boost Accelerator and Canna flush to finish your crop, a great buy if you want to save some money.

From: 121.00

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Canna Bio Terra Discount Deal

Canna Bio Terra nutrients, additives and media are offered in this discount deal for you to grow 100% organic from start to finish and with a saving on all the items included. Canna Bio Rhizotonic, Bio Vega and Flores, Bio Boost, Organic PH down and Bio Terra Pro Plus complete this very popular organic kit.

From: 80.00

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600w Grow Light Kit

This complete 600w grow light kit is a safe and very reliable unit for lighting up your indoor garden. A Powerplant Daylite ballast, Eurowing reflector, Eazi roll's, MH and HPS lamp are all provided for the lighting and a Powerstar contactor and a Grasslin timer are also supplied for you to control the On and Off periods safely.

From: 178.00

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Essentials EC PH Meters & Buffers

This EC & PH discount deal is a great way of buying your nutrient management equipment with a saving on every item. The kit includes an Essentials PH meter, Essentials EC meter, EC calibrating solution 2.76, PH buffer 4 and PH buffer 7. A great way of getting all you need without breaking the bank.

From: 90.00

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Biobizz Organic Discount Deal

This discount deal offers Biobizz nutrients, additives and growing media with a saving on every item. This discount deal includes Biobizz Root Juice, Bio Grow, Bio Bloom, Biobizz Bio Heaven, Biobizz Top Max and Biobizz All Mix 50ltr, a great way to buy everything you need and save yourself some money.

From: 71.50

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