DWC 16 Potz System

DWC 16 Potz System
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The DWC 16 Potz is a hydroponics deep water culture system that re-circulates the nutrient solution around the system, either permanently or at timed intervals.

The DWC 16 Potz is a fantastic piece of kit that comes with a 200 litre tank and also the complete air system. To begin you can mix your nutrient solution in the main tank and once it is ready you can plug the fill pump in that is inside the reservoir to fill the system.

Inside the Header Potz is a pump fitted to a main irrigation line that connects to all the re-circulating lines that lead back into each DWC Potz. This pump can be left on permanently or timed if you wish with a normal 15 minute plug timer. The nutrient solution is drawn from each DWC Potz at the bottom, through special filters that prevent the roots entering as well. The solution is drawn back to the Header Potz where it is pumped back into the top of each DWC Potz. There is also a pump fitted in the Header Potz that can be plugged in when you need to drain the system.

The air pump is fitted to a main air line that runs between the rows of Potz and clear airline fitted from this, leads into each Potz at the top and connects to an air stone inside at the bottom. The air pump should be left on permanently to aerate the solution and maintain high levels of oxygen for the roots to flourish.

The DWC 16 Potz is so simple to set up and use and we guarantee it will deliver great results.

Dimensions including tank: 2.5 x 1.9 metre

Watch a video of setting up a DWC Potz System.

G0403  DWC 16 Potz System 500.00

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