Plant Magic Plus Granules

Plant Magic Plus Granules
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Plant Magic Plus has an ever increasing range of top quality products and Granules is certainly one of them. You will be astonished with the increase in root mass when using this product.

Plant Magic Granules are granular inoculants made up of Mycorrhiza, bio-stimulants that contain over 20 strains of micro-organisms. All these work together to create an abundance of beneficial micro life within the soil.

The Mycorrhiza quickly establishes itself, forming a symbiotic relationship with the roots. This in turn promotes a rapidly growing root mass, increasing the uptake of more water and nutrients.

The micro-organisms, which include nitrogen fixers, populate the soil very quickly and effectively to promote the re-establishment of bio-activity. A barrier is formed helping to stop fungal pathogens such as fusarium and pythium attacking your crop.

The bio-stimulants both balance and promote the biological activity within the soil, stimulating soil micro-population as well as stimulating a greater root development.

Benefits of Granules
Promotes root growth and increases mass.
Provides a beneficial micro population.
Improves nutrient availability and uptake.
Reduces the risk of pathogens and other undesirable organisms.
Promotes Nitrogen fixers.
Increases disease and stress tolerance.

How To Use : Sprinkle a healthy dose of Granules into the hole you have made in the soil for your plant, when first potting up and also whenever you re-plant into a larger pot.

G1634  Plant Magic Plus Granules - 350g 12.95
G1635  Plant Magic Plus Granules - 700g 25.00

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