Powerstar Pro Light Contactors

Powerstar Pro Light Contactors
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Powerstar Pro Contactors are a most reliable unit for turning your grow lights on and off daily at regular timed intervals, so you don't have to.

Powerstar Pro Contactors are designed to absorb the high load of power that is required to strike several HID lights at once. They have a built in Grasslin 15 minute segmental timer that is easy to set to your required on times and when the time does comes for the unit to turn on the lights it will allow the power through without damaging any of your equipment. Keyhole slots are fitted on the back of these units to allow them to be wall hung next to your power outlets, keeping your wires up and off the floor.

If you plan to run up to 6 or 8 grow lights in your grow room, you will need to use an Ecotechnics Powerstar Pro Contactor to safely turn your grow lights on and off.

Maximum Loads

Powerstar Pro 6kw - 6 Socket Contactor
6 x 250w, 400w, 600w or 1000w lights.

Powerstar Pro 6kw - 8 Socket Contactor
8 x 250w, 400w, 600w or 6 x 1000w lights.

G1927  Powerstar Pro Light Contactor - 6kw - 6 Socket 80.00
G1928  Powerstar Pro Light Contactor - 6kw - 8 Socket 90.00

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