SystemAir RVK Inline Fans

SystemAir RVK Inline Fans
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Over the years we have tried various makes of fans to run our ventilation systems in our grow rooms and there is always one make of fan that comes out on top, the Systemair RVK Fan.

Systemair RVK Fans are manufactured in Germany and are built to last, they are by doubt the most silent and reliable inline fans for moving large volumes of air and we cannot fault them.

RVK Fans can be used to supply or remove air from your grow room by simply fitting them with the direction of the air flow, pointing the way you want it to travel.

RVK fans have backward curved blades and external rotor motors, which help to increase the flow of air, and the outer casing is manufactured from reinforced fibreglass plastic making them an extremely robust fan.

RVK fans can be mounted horizontal or vertical with the bracket provided and fitted inline into your ducting or they can be connected directly to a carbon filter with the use of a fast clamp and your ducting fitted to the other end of the fan.

RVK Fans require some basic wiring for installation. The cable and plug is supplied with the fan and also the mounting bracket, but if you are unsure consult a qualified electrician first.

Air Movement - Cubic Metres Per Hour (m3/hr)
4" A1 - 175 m3/hr

5" A1 - 225 m3/hr

6" A1 - 420 m3/hr

6" L1 - 680 m3/hr

8" A1 - 750 m3/hr

8" L1 - 950 m3/hr

10" L1 - 1000 m3/hr

G2019  RVK A1 Fan - 4" (100mm) 60.00
G2020  RVK A1 Fan - 5" (125mm) 65.00
G2021  RVK A1 Fan - 6" (150mm) 75.00
G2022  RVK L1 Fan - 6" (150mm) 85.00
G2023  RVK A1 Fan - 8" (200mm) 90.00
G2024  RVK L1 Fan - 8" (200mm) 110.00
G2025  RVK L1 Fan - 10" (250mm) 125.00

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