Sylvania HPS Grolux Lamps

Sylvania HPS Grolux Lamps
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Sylvania HPS Grolux dual spectrum lamps have been around for many years and they are the most popular lamps used by growers in the UK.

Sylvania HPS dual spectrum lamps are colour adjusted and offer a much broader spectrum of light with increased blue, when compared to a normal HPS lamp. This makes these lamps ideal for both the growing and flowering stages of your plants, there is no need to change or purchase additional lamps.

Lumen Output
Grolux HPS 400w Lamp - 55,000 lumens.

Grolux HPS 600w Lamp - 90,000 lumens.

G1909  Sylvania HPS Grolux Dual Spectrum Lamp - 400w 20.95
G1910  Sylvania HPS Grolux Dual Spectrum Lamp - 600w 25.95

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