Biobizz Fish Mix

Biobizz Fish Mix
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If you grow organically and want to supply something special to your plant roots, try Biobizz Fish Mix, it has always been a trusted friend for many organic gardeners.

Biobizz Fish Mix is a 100% organic liquid plant food that is supplied to your plants during their vegetative stage. It is high in nitrogen and helps to create an abundance of new growth to form very quickly. Apart from feeding your plants with many beneficial ingredients it also conditions the soil, stimulating microbial activity and accelerating plant growth.

Biobizz Fish Mix can also be used as a foliar spray and it is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It does have a strong odour that leaves things a little fishy, so if used indoors make sure to have good extraction.

How To Use
Add 2 - 5ml per litre of water.

Foliar add 1 - 2ml per litre of water.

G1624  Biobizz Fish Mix - 500ml 7.00
G1625  Biobizz Fish Mix - 1 litre 9.95

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