Nutrient Growroom Thermometer

Nutrient Growroom Thermometer
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When growing hydroponically it is important to know and maintain the correct temperature for your nutrient solution and the easiest way to do this is with a Nutrient Thermometer.

This clever Nutrient Thermometer displays your nutrient solution and growroom/greenhouse temperature on a large LCD screen. It has a cable and probe that is placed into your nutrient tank and the thermometer is also fitted internally with a probe to allow the unit to accurately read both your nutrient and grow room temperature.

It records the highest and lowest temperatures reached until you reset it, to allow you to see the fluctuation in temperature in case you may need to make some adjustment to your nutrient solution or grow room, to maintain a more regular setting for your plants to flourish. The unit is also fitted with an audible alarm that is triggered when a high or low setting is reached that you have set on the unit.

This Nutrient Thermometer can be wall or surface mounted and it is supplied with a battery.

G2046  Nutrient & Growroom Thermometer 9.95

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