Aeroponics Neoprene Collars

Aeroponics Neoprene Collars
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These Aeroponics Neoprene Collars are made to fit inside the top of a 2" mesh pot, to hold and support a cutting from a donor plant.

Aeroponics Neoprene Collars allow your cuttings to be rooted in an aeroponics propagator without the need for any growing media inside the mesh pots, which provides a great saving in the long run, but best of all it reduces the time it takes your cuttings to root.

Once your cuttings have rooted they can be removed easily from the Neoprene Collars and planted into any substrate or hydroponic system you wish to use and then you can re-use the collars again.

G1709  Aeroponics Neoprene Collars - 2" (50mm) 0.50

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