Supernova Grow Lights

Supernova Grow Lights
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Supernova grow lights are ideal for any growroom where all the light delivered is required to be focused downwards towards your plant canopy.

The Supernova is a strong designed dual parbolic enclosed reflector that does have some holes to allow the heat produced by your lamp to escape from it, chain is also fitted onto the relfector for hanging it easily and a four metre cable and connection to your ballast are also fitted. The Powerplant Daylite ballast has been highly improved since it was first launched with new internal components and vent holes for a longer life and is a most reliable piece of kit for lighting your lamp. The 250w kits are provided with a Powerplant Super HPS lamp and the 400w and 600w light kits are provided with a Sylvannia Grolux HPS lamp.

G1824  Supernova Grow Light - 250w Kit 107.00
G1825  Supernova Grow Light - 400w Kit 120.00
G1826  Supernova Grow Light - 600w Kit 145.00

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