Ecotechnics Unis Co2 Controller

Ecotechnics Unis Co2 Controller
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The Unis Co2 Controller from Ecotechnics is a fantastic piece of equipment that provides a very reliable means of enhancing Co2 levels in your grow room.

Raising the ambient Co2 level in the growing environment makes photosynthesis more efficient, which allows your plants to grow bigger and much faster and if used correctly, additional Co2 in your grow room can produce up to a 30% increase in yield.

The Unis Co2 Controller has 16 settings for different room sizes, so first you must calculate the size of your room in cubic metres.

Measure the width, length and height of your grow room in metres and times them all together to find out the cubic metres inside.

ie: (l,w,h) 6 x 3 x 2.5 = 45 cubic metres

Now connect the Unis to your bottle of Co2 (not supplied) and set the room size. Plug the Unis into a mains power supply and it will now automatically release the correct amount of Co2 for the size of your grow room.

. Simple to use
. Long-term reliability
. 16 room settings
. No need to adjust once set
. Gas remaining gauge
. Full 1 year warranty

G20129  Ecotechnics Unis Co2 Controller 150.00

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