Aluminium Ducting

Aluminium Ducting
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If you are planning to build an indoor hydroponic grow room you will need to install a ventilation system to supply fresh air into the room and extract hot stale air from the room and the easiest way to do this is with some fans, fittings and of course ducting.

Aluminium flexible ducting can be used to connect all your ventilation items together to create a sealed passage that will allow the air to travel through it in the direction of the flow of the fan, either supplying or extracting air from the room.

When installing your aluminium ducting make sure to keep your runs taught and with as little bends as possible, as too many bends will greatly reduce your flow of air. Aluminium ducting can be connected with duct tape, foil tape or for the best solid fixing we recommend you use a jubilee clip.

G2057  Aluminium Ducting - 4" (100mm) - 1 metre 1.75
G2058  Aluminium Ducting - 4" (100mm) - 10 metre box 15.00
G2059  Aluminium Ducting - 5" (125mm) - 1 metre 2.25
G2060  Aluminium Ducting - 5" (125mm) - 10 metre box 18.00
G2061  Aluminium Ducting - 6" (150mm) - 1 metre 2.75
G2062  Aluminium Ducting - 6" (150mm) - 10 metre box 21.00
G2063  Aluminium Ducting - 8" (200mm) - 1 metre 3.25
G2064  Aluminium Ducting - 8" (200mm) - 10 metre box 28.00
G2065  Aluminium Ducting - 10" (250mm) - 1 metre 3.75
G2066  Aluminium Ducting - 10" (250mm) - 10 metre box 35.00

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