Root Pouch Fabric Pots

Root Pouch Fabric Pots
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Root Pouch fabric pots are an absolute dream for the concerning grower who wishes to use items to grow with that are made of organic or degradable materials to help conserve the planet, they are also a growers dream for the results you can achieve when using these pouches.

Root Pouch fabric pots can be filled with any type of growing media, hydroponics, soil or coco and they can be used alone for passive feeding or they can be placed onto a top feed drip system like a Wilma or a Drip Potz for active feeding.

The Root Pouch allows your growing media and plant roots to breathe far more when compared to a regular plastic pot. Primary roots will be air pruned when they reach the edge of the Pouch which creates an abundance of secondary roots to form behind, creating a mass of roots capable of absorbing much more nutrients and water from the media, producing much bigger and better plants.

Root Pouch are ideal for growers who use many pots as these can be washed and packed away in a small box when finished, waiting for your next grow and with a lifespan of 3-4 years they are certainly worth every penny.

Dimensions - Diameter x Depth:

3.8 litre - 18 x 16cm

8 litre - 21 x 20cm

16 litre - 26 x 26cm

G0932  Root Pouch Fabric Pot - 3.8 litre 0.75
G0933  Root Pouch Fabric Pot - 8 litre 0.95
G0934  Root Pouch Fabric Pot - 16 litre 1.80

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