Budget 400w Grow Tent Kit

Budget 400w Grow Tent Kit
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We have assembled this budget 400w grow tent kit to provide you with the main essential items for you to create a portable indoor grow room for hydroponics, soil or coco cultivation and as you can see the items we have included are offered at a great low price, but they are certainly not cheap quality items.

The Secret Jardin DS90 grow tent provides you with the perfect enclosure to house your 400w grow light and Phat filter extraction kit and with the floor space empty below, you can choose your own hydroponic system or pots and saucers to create your very own indoor garden.

Budget 400w Grow Tent Kit

1 x Secret Jardin DS90 (h,w,d) 160 x 90 x 90cm
1 x Powerplant 400w Daylite Ballast
1 x Powerplant Eurowing Reflector
1 x Sylvannia Dual Spectrum 400w Grolux Lamp
2 x Jack Chain - metre
1 x Plug & Grow 13amp Heavy Duty Timer
1 x 4" Phat Carbon Filter 2-3 Year Lifespan
1 x 4" Systemair RVK Fan
1 x 4" Fast Clamp
1 x 4" Jubilee Clip
5 x 4" Aluminium Ducting - metre

G1145  Budget 400w Grow Tent Kit 310.00

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