Eurowing Digital Grow Lights

Eurowing Digital Grow Lights
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These digital grow lights are reflected downwards with the aid of a Powerplant Eurowing reflector to deliver your light to your plants.

The Powerplant Eurowing reflector is of high quality and not a budget reflector, it has an additional spine on top for maximum strength and hanging hooks fitted to easily support it. A Powerplant Lumatek digital ballast runs the light and is of course much cheaper to run than a standard HID ballast, they are lightweight and can run HPS and MH lamps and also have a super lumen switch to increase your HPS lamp output when flowering.

The lamp with the 250w kit is a Powerplant Super HPS lamp and the 400w and 600w kits are supplied with a Sylvannia Grolux lamp.

Remember HID lights do require the use of a lighting contactor to work properly and safely.

G1803  Eurowing Digital Grow Light - 250w Kit 120.00
G1804  Eurowing Digital Grow Light - 400w Kit 150.00
G1805  Eurowing Digital Grow Light - 600w Kit 175.00

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