Clay Pebbles

Clay Pebbles
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These Clay Pebbles are small round balls of clay that are cooked in a kiln to expand and harden them off, making them an excellent size and round unifrom shape to use as an inert media for Hydroponics.

Clay pebbles are used for many types of hydroponic systems and they can also be mixed with soil or coco to provide better drainage and aeration to the mix. Clay Pebbles are PH neutral and they offer a smooth surface without any sharp edges that can cut delicate roots and harm your plants, making them vulnerable to pest and diseases.

All Clay Pebbles can be very dusty from transporting them, so it is essential that you wash the clay pebbles first to clean off the dust, before you place them into your pots or hydroponic system.

Top Tip
Cut two opposite corners on the bag of pebbles and run water through the top hole to rinse the pebbles in the bag, allowing it to drain out of the opposite hole at the bottom.

G1434  Clay Pebbles - 10 litre 5.50
G1435  Clay Pebbles - 50 litre 15.50

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