PH Probe Refill & Storage

PH Probe Refill & Storage
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PH Probe Refill & Storage solution can be used with all types of PH meters to help maximise their lifespan and provide more accurate readings from your PH meter.

When you dip your PH meter into your solution and remove it into the air, deposits of salts will form on your probe from the nutrients in the water, which will affect the reading on your meter.

When your PH meter is not in use, the probe should be kept submerged in some PH Probe Refill & Storage solution, as this will prevent the salt deposits from forming and it will keep the meter running more accurate for a lot longer.

This same solution can be used to refill probes on certain PH meters.

Top Tip
Do not return any used solution back into the bottle as this can contaminate the rest of the solution.

G2321  PH Probe Refill & Storage - 250ml 5.00

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