Powerplant Aerowing Reflector

Powerplant Aerowing Reflector
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If you require low temperatures in your hydroponics grow room, reducing the heat produced by your lamp will certainly help and the best way to do this is with an inline air-cooled reflector like the Powerplant Aerowing.

The Powerplant Aerowing reflector is a high quality dual parabolic inline air-cooled reflector that has 6" spigots fitted either end of the reflector. This enclosed design allows the Aerowing to be connected inline into the ducting of your ventilation extraction system, to remove the heat from your grow room and also from your lamp.

The Aerowing reflector has a sheet of 4mm toughened glass fitted to seal the unit and this also allows the reflector to be positioned real close to your plant canopy without the lamp dispersing any heat towards your plants. These reflectors can also be linked together with ducting and just one main fan can extract the air through them, which is great for larger grow rooms with a low ceiling height.

The Powerplant Aerowing reflector comes complete with hanging hooks, adjustable lamp-holder, 5 metres of cable with IEC connection and of course the glass panel and frame.

Dimensions: (h,w,d) 20 x 60 x 54cm

G1839  Powerplant Aerowing Reflector - 250/400/600w 68.95

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