NFT GT205 System

NFT GT205 System
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The NFT GT205 Gro Tank is a great size kit for those who have very little space for a hydroponics system and it can easily support up to four medium sized plants, but two is generally better.

The NFT GT205 is an active hydroponics system that uses a pump to deliver your water and nutrients directly into the top tray of the system, where your plant roots lay. A shallow film of nutrient solution will cover the sloped tray to feed your plant roots and then re-circulate back into the main tank. The top tray is moulded with channels to provide an even distribution of nutrient solution and a correx cover is used to prevent any light penetrating the roots and destroying their growth.

Rockwool blocks are required for this system to grow and support your plants on the top tray. Roots will emerge from the blocks and spread into the fibre glass matting and across the tray and with a regular supply of water and nutrients and access to loads of oxygen available to the roots, your plants will love it and grow extremely fast.

Dimensions: (h,w,d) 19.5 x 69.5 x 38.5cm

NFT GT205 Complete Kit Includes:
Tank (20 litre).
Top tray.
Correx (top tray cover).
Spreader mat 25ft.
Delivery tube.
PH down 250ml.
Manual PH test kit.

G0600  NFT GT205 System - Complete Kit 40.00
G0601  NFT GT205 System - Top Tray 15.00
G0602  NFT GT205 System - Tank 16.00
G0603  NFT GT205 System - Correx 2.20

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