Vitalink Easy

Vitalink Easy
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Vitalink Easy is exactly what it says it is, a one part nutrient formula that is very easy to use and provides great results in any type of hydroponic system. We have used this nutrient for DWC and NFT and must say it performed extremely well in both cases.

This one part nutrient is available in a grow and bloom formula, the grow nutrient is especially good for growers who generally grow plants that just require a grow nutrient like herbs and lettuces, and the bloom formula is for plants that produce flowers and fruits and is fed to your plants during there flowering process.

Vitalink Easy also comes in hard and soft water versions, so please choose the correct one to suit your water type, (scale in your kettle generally means hard water).

G15103  Vitalink Easy - Grow 5 litre H/W19.50 15.00

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