Cooltube Digital Grow Lights

Cooltube Digital Grow Lights
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These cooltube digital grow lights are a great light kit to use with a grow tent or small grow room to remove the heat produced from your lamp and reduce the temperatures inside for your plants to grow at their best.

Lumatek digital ballasts are supplied with the kits and are a small compact design, lightweight and can light both High Pressure Sodium and Metal Halide lamps. Lumatek ballasts are shielded and have no fans internally that can break down or make any noise and they have a super lumen switch fitted to increase your light intensity if needed with an HPS lamp only. An Ecotechnics cooltube reflector that measures 12cm x 40cm is provided and is fitted inline with your extraction system to remove the heat from your room and also your lamp. Reflector wings are also provided with the reflector and help to deliver a better spread of light. The 250w digital kit is supplied with a Powerplant Super HPS lamp and the 400w and 600w kits are supplied with a Sylvannia Grolux lamp.

Remember HID lights do require the use of a lighting contactor to work properly and safely.

G1809  Cooltube Digital Grow Light - 250w Kit 137.50
G1810  Cooltube Digital Grow Light - 400w Kit 165.00
G1811  Cooltube Digital Grow Light - 600w Kit 195.00

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