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Halo is a foliar feed for your plants that utilises the naturally occuring Harpin Alpha Beta protein, a powerful ingredient that sends a signal throughout the plant when applied to the foliage, initiating a sequence of reactions that activates the growth and stress-defence pathways in your plants.

Plants treated with Halo will exhibit accelerated growth, early flowering and an increase in yield. This is due to the increase in photosynthesis, which can be up to 25%, an increase in nutrient uptake, improved plant vigour and an increase in stamina, with cell wall expansion and elongation activated.

Halo will also activate many plant defence mechanisms which will increase the plants ability to defend itself against certain viral, bacterial and fungal diseases and pre-harvest applications will help to reduce the chances of Botrytis establishing itself on your plants.

Halo is a great product that will dramatically increase your plants foliage and yield and we highly recommend it.

How To Use
Halo Sachets: Mix one 5g sachet with 500ml of water and apply as a foliar, once mixed apply within 4-6 hours.

Halo Tub: Mix 5g per 500ml of water, a scoop is provided in the tub.

Apply 2-4 times throughout the cycle.

1. Vegetative stage.
2. Flower induction.
3. Flower enlargement.
4. One week before harvest.

G1668  Halo - 5 Sachets 2.5g 8.50
G1669  Halo - 100g 24.00

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