Hailea HX Water Pumps

Hailea HX Water Pumps
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Hailea HX Water Pumps are a most reliable submersible pump, for moving large volumes of water very quietly and efficiently.

Hailea HX Water Pumps draw the solution in through the base of the pump, which allows your tanks to go quite low before they will need topping up. The blades of the pumps are fitted in a horizontal position inside the casing which helps to eliminate the noise when it spins and all the water drawn through the pump is delivered out of the top of the pump, where a fitting is placed for you to easily connect your pipe and it has several sizes set on it for you to choose the correct size you require, with a minimum of 20mm.

A long power cable is fitted to these pumps to allow them to be used for your outdoor pond in your garden, if you wish to run a fountain or waterfall.

The Hailea HX 7000 l/h pump is also fitted with a float switch which will cut the power to the pump if the water level falls to low, to prevent the pump from running dry and burning out.

Pump Rating
HX8200 - 2500 l/h - 100w

HX8400 - 4000 l/h - 150w

HX8670A - 7000 l/h - 240w

G2132  Hailea HX8200 Water Pump 40.00
G2133  Hailea HX8400 Water Pump 55.00
G2134  Hailea HX8670A Water Pump & Float Switch 65.00

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